Konstantin Gordon

Position held
Research associate, radiologist
Work experience
6 years


2012 honours degree on medical care in medical faculty of RUDN University

2012-2014 radiology residency in A. Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center

Refresher Courses:

  • 2008 – Bradford University, School of Life Science, Great Britain
  • 2009-2012 – Burdenko’s Neurosurgery Institute, Russia
  • 2010 – Marburg University, Germany
  • 2014 – Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, USA – 2nd Elekta users meeting, Burgas, Bulgaria – ESTRO (European society for radiotherapy and oncology) school: Combined Drug-radiation treatment, Saint-Petersburg
  • 2015 - ESTRO school: Evidence-based radiation oncology, Moscow
  • 2016 – Rambam Hospital, Haifa, Israel
  • 2016 - 3nd Elekta users meeting, Minsk, Belarus
  • 2017 – ESTRO school: Particle therapy, Essen, Germany - ESTRO/ESMIT school: Molecular imaging in radiation oncology, Bordeaux, France - Gamma-Knife, Moscow

Work experience:

2014 – present: research fellow & radiologist in the Department of proton and photon therapy in A. Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center

Professional skills:

Usage of almost all the devices for radiation therapy, including gamma-therapeutic units, linear accelerators Elekta / Varian, proton accelerator with PBS, Gamma-Knife. ESTRO, RATRO, Society of nuclear medicine member Regular participant of medical conferences. Continuous acquisition and improvement of professional skills in leading medical centers.

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