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«Gamma knife»® contraindications

«Gamma knife»® contraindications

«Gamma knife»® is a medical device designed to perform one-time radiation of benign and malignant brain tumours. Due to high accuracy of radiology, this innovative method is considered the “gold standard” in neurosurgery and radiosurgery. But although there are practically no surgical risks, stereotactic surgery still has some contraindications.

In what cases is «Gamma knife»® inappropriate?

«Gamma knife»® is among high-precision radiotherapy methods for intracranial neoplasms. Stereotactic machines provide 100% access to the lesions through an intact skull. At present day, gamma therapy has a minimum number of contraindications, but still there are some.

Radiosurgery is not used in case of the following conditions and disorders:

  • obstructive hydrocephalus;
  • glioblastoma multiforme;
  • tumours of over 35 mm;
  • decompensation of a patient.

«Gamma knife»® treatment is possible only when benign or malignant neoplasms do not exceed 30–35 mm, except for arteriovenous malformation, which can be treated at any stage.

Stereotactic surgery is contraindicated in case of clear signs of brain dislocation characterised by the displacement of certain structures in relation to other structures. Radiotherapy is subject to limitations in case brain tissue and vascular network are strongly squeezed by tumours.

Clinical observations demonstrated low effectiveness of «gamma knife»® in treating glioblastoma multiforme. Even after the tumour is removed, the recurrence of the disease exceeds 87%. In this case radiotherapy is non-radical treatment because irradiation of neoplasms does not address the initial cause of their development.

«Gamma knife» ® during pregnancy

Radiosurgery is better tolerated by patients as compared to conventional surgery. But can isotope irradiation be used during gestation?

Neurologists warn that treatment of intracranial tumours during pregnancy is impossible. Despite of the existing stereotactic technique for gamma-ray delivery, it is impossible to completely avoid radiation of surrounding healthy tissues. Even partial DNA damage in foetus can develop into structural diseases of the child.

The most effective therapy can be determined only by a neurosurgeon. If you choose our clinic, you will be able to consult with highly skilled specialists who will accurately determine whether «Gamma knife»® is appropriate and necessary for brain tumour treatment.

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