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The following documents are required for «Gamma knife»® stereotactic radiosurgery:

  1. Passport
  2. Medical Insurance
  3. Case records + neurosurgeon’s/radiosurgeon’s report
  4. MRI Scan (depending on the condition)

In case of accompanying diseases, specialists’ opinion on whether the surgery is possible + anaesthesiologist’s opinion

If necessary: referral for hospital stay approved by the deputy chief physician for hospital admission

All the details about necessary documents for foreigners must be specified via email: info@gammacliniс.ru


Obninsk hotel «Orbital» is glat to offer 320 room in all the categories from «Luxe» to «Economy».

Special offer for Gamma Clinic patients in «Orbital»

Our consultants will answer all your questions, and experienced doctors will define whether «Gamma knife»® treatment is necessary.

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