About Gamma Clinic

On 1 February 2018, Gamma Clinic High-Precision Radiology Centre opened in Obninsk at A. Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Centre. Gamma Clinic provides radiosurgery treatment for tumours, vascular malformations and functional disorders in brain using «Gamma knife»® (the sixth device in Russia). The treatment is non-invasive and in most cases is pain free for the patient.

Free consultation

Gamma Clinic advantages:
Taking care
about our patients
High qualification
Being responsible
for the result
How to get treatment

If you would like to get treatment in our Clinic, please complete the application form, and we will receive and process it as soon as possible

In case the treatment is appropriate to you, we determine the ray treatment plan

The oncologist makes a decision whether «Gamma knife»® treatment is appropriate

You come to the Clinic and get necessary treatment

О Гамма клинике
Our goal

We are struggling for the health and lives of our patients by combining «Gamma knife»® accuracy (radiosurgery), multifunctional performance of linear accelerators (IMRT, intensity-modulated radiation therapy), individualized chemotherapy (including targeted therapy and immunotherapy), flexibility of organ-sparing surgery methods.

All the components of modern cancer care, including «Gamma knife» ® radiosurgery, high-precision radiology, electron beam therapy, minimally invasive surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, will be combined for the purpose of achieving maximum effectiveness of treatment while maintaining quality of the patient’s life both during and after the treatment.

The first device was designed by Swedish neurosurgeon L. Leksell and biophysicist B. Larsson in the late 50s of the 20th century.

First surgeries under this method were performed in 1968, and for the past 50 years the technology has been improving.

Extensive experience of using «Gamma knife» ® in developed countries for the period of 50 years

Currently, there are 293 «Gamma knife» ® centres around the world.


Gamma Clinic was opened in Obninsk is the beginning of 2018. This is the fifth in Russia high-precision radiosurgery clinic.

Our Specialists

Our practitioners include academics, professors, and specialists with Doctor and Candidate of Sciences degrees.

Our consultants will answer all your questions, and experienced doctors will define whether «Gamma knife»® treatment is necessary.

Free consultation

+ 7 (495) 988-47-67


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